So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

G’day my peeps!

Today is October 27th, exactly 7 months until my birthday. This is a reminder for all of you to start thinking of a birthday gift for me ;). In case you’re wondering, I like Harry Potter things.

So, it is now the fourth week of October, and I still have no definitive word on when I’ll be moving to California. I’m now hoping it’ll be about mid-November when I get get myself down there and start working. I’m -so- looking forward to working. It’s been way way too long.

Ooh! Guess what I’ve gone and done today! I went and donated blood! I’m now 1 pint less blood mass! And to top it all off, it was (apparently) my tenth donation, so I got a cool pin and a keychain. Woohoo! Know what donating blood means? It takes less alcohol to get drunk! Okay, though that isn’t my primary reason for donating, it sure is an awesome consequence and comes close.

In other news, I’m going to a concert tonight at Art Space with my friend Celia. Apparently Celia’s a big fan of this lady Penny Lang and just found out she’s playing here, so we’re heading there at 8 tonight. That’ll be good. And Saturday night we’re heading to the Out Of Alba concert, also at Art Space. They’re such a sweet group, and have been around the Prince George scene for a long time running. In fact, two of the members are the parents of one of my high school best friends, Claire, so I got a lot of exposure to them when I was younger. They’re lively and lots and lots of fun. Good tunes. I think they’re coming out with another album soon, too.

That’s about all the news on my end of the rope. It was sunny yesterday and today, which was a very nice change from the weeks and weeks of gloom and rain we’d been having. Glad to see Travis update his blog (at least someone is).

So let me know how things are going for people; I know it’s paper season for those in school, so good luck. I don’t have to deal with that anymore! Too bad!

Take care, ya’ll!

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