School’s Out For Summer!

The term is done!

All assignments, all classes, all pressures from school have now officially ceased for me! I have officially finished all the requirements for my degree, and I’m fairly sure I passed, so this is it! I hope there are others who are as excited as I am about this school stuff being done…right as the nice weather decides to emerge in our lives as well.

Yesterday we had a farewell tea for Sr. Fay, who has been a part of the college staff for 22 years (which is kinda nuts, as she’s been here basically my whole life). That was good – they had a large turn-out of people who came for it, so it was very good to see that.

Following the Tea, our Student Association had our end of the year party, and that was a blast. Always a good time with those folk, that’s for sure. Good drinks, really good food, and good conversation. I like that combination. And so, with those two parties, this year has ended.

Now I have to pack. And clean.

And it’s sunny outside!


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