Oh dear,
I had spent a good half hour writing the would-be post for this one, and lo and behold – it’s now disappeared when I go to post it. I’m rather disappointed.

In other notes, within the last week and a bit I’ve mostly triumphed a bout of nasty flu/cold, Roberta and I were almost attacked by a bear on our way to Edmonton, I completely lost my voice for an important day, a deer eyed us warily on the trip back to PG and some goats threatened us with their horns whilst they licked the salt off the road. And now I’m job hunting and counting the days until the Big Release. 25, you know, just 25 days. My brain’s tingling with anticipation to read this one. I’d say more, but I’m sure most people would stop reading my posts if I started including more Harry in them.

Beyond that, I went go-carting and mini-golfing with my old youth group on Sunday, kicked some ass in go-carting (I love those carts) and was whooped by a 12 year old in mini-golf; she sure showed Celia and I how to mini-golf.

Since it seems people have forgotten, I’m still taking donations. They will be put into the ‘get Jane through summer’ fund. All cheques or money orders can be made payable to Jane Ethier, or Amanda Ethier, or Amanda Jane Ethier, though that’s most unusual. Looking forward to your generosity ;). If monetary donations cannot be provided, emails and comments suffice just as well.

And on a last point, I got an acceptance letter to St. Mike’s College on UofT to do an MTS today, so that’s at least one place that wants me, and that’s kinda exciting. Hope to hear from Regis soon.

Yup, that’s about all to date. I am legally using Second Cup’s wireless this time, and I’m almost done my drink now. So take care and hope to hear from some of you out there (Celia, Travis, any others who peek on here and think they can get away without giving a comment). Peace ya’ll.

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