Happy Birthday!

Today is my good friend Kristy’s birthday, so I just wanted everyone to know that. If I had a picture, I’d put it up, but I haven’t. She’s the one who had the cute little bundle of joy in June, though. So Happy Birthday Kristy!

In other news, we’re about halfway through the first season of Lost right now, and I hope we get through the whole thing before I leave this place. If you haven’t gotten hooked on Lost, I suggest you do. It’s worth the time. :D.

Yup, that’s about it. It was nice to see some updates on other blogs that I check. Someone needs to motivate Travis to update and that’ll be everyone, I think. Not impressed with your update, though, Andrew >:|. You need to rant about the non-wireless classrooms or something beneficial. You even got Celia riled up about that one.

Okay, I’m really cold so I’m gonna go put on abother sweater and get going on these silly phone calls that need to get done. Have a joyous day!

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