It is currently 11:06pm and I have survived my first day of moving.

We (being my mum and I) have packed up all my stuff this morning into the trailor and headed south for the winter. Well, I’m heading south for more than just the winter and my mum will eventually return to the Great White North that’s not so white at the moment. Though, we did hit up some pretty good snow between 100 Mile and Clinton. Frosted everythings, foots of snow in the forests, snow-looking clouds hanging over us (rather than the completely blinding sun that was shining in the car at a really bad angle so that it was hard to see outside most times from Prince George to 100 Mile). Then it got dark and we were tunneled a few times. That’s basically my adventure today. And I had tea at the cafe my cousin works at. Yuppers. and stuff.

Soooo, I’m here until Friday sometime, from the sounds of it. My papers should be arriving here tomorrow, I have to go through some of my stuff again and try to find a few documents that may aid the process for obtaining my visa. And that’s my life so far. No pictures yet. I haven’t a digital camera, and my mum didn’t bring hers, so we’ll see if any actually arise from this trip. Which I find rather disappointing in many, many ways, but that’s the lot I have. Oh, woe is me. Woe, woe, woe. 😉

Anyways, I hope you’re all either enjoying your studies or enjoying your work. I’m sure once I get down there I’ll be more lonely and in want of everyone’s email and stuff, but right now the pictures that are coming to mind are sun, sand, and lots of warm water!


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