Happiness is… (vol 9)

2015-05-25 happinessThe joy of watching a child find endless amusement and fun in perfecting her circle-making skills. She’s been at this for about a week – just grabbing the stool, picking out a dry-erase marker, then drawing circles and circles and circles. She loves it. And I love it too, because unless that marker runs out of ink (which has been happening), she is one contented little girl.

Sometimes she makes other shapes, but mostly it is every type of circle she can conceive. And it’s beautiful. I love watching her express her artistic self this way. And she can do it all by herself without any help from me, which I think makes it even more lovely – both the independence for her and the freedom for me.

What’s your happiness today?

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Pentecost 2015 & What I Wore Sunday #wiws

2015-05-24 pentecostMe: Dress from Laura
Cassia: Hand-me-down dress
Spencer: suit from Once Upon a Child

Happy Feast of Pentecost. Or Feast of the Holy Spirit. Or Feast of the genesis of the Church.



That’s all you really need to know. Hope you have a lovely day today filled with Spirit!

For more lovely wearing ideas, check out Fine Linen and Purple!


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Happiness is… (vol 7)

2015-05-23 happinessThe older sister helping to play with the younger one. Most of the afternoon was spent with Cassia trying hard to play with Felicity, who was on-and-off wanting someone to play with. Except when she tried to walk on Cassia to get something out of her hand. Cassia didn’t really want to play with her for awhile after that. I was really impressed with how good Cassia is with Felicity, and I’m super thankful for her innate desire to play and help her younger sister (though I’ll vouch that she has her moments of trying to make Felicity’s life for the worse as well).

Today we brought everything up to the deck and rearranged it so that it fits a little pool up top this time. Last year, the way we had arranged everything, there definitely wasn’t room for the pool. I changed that and I like it infinitely better. I expect we will be spending a lot of afternoons up here this year and I’m really looking forward to spending the summer outside with the kids! And perhaps I’ll be making margaritas for the afternoon as well…anyone care to join me? :)

What’s your happiness today?

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Happiness is… (vol 6)

2015.05.21 happiness…the deck stained and fully cured; getting back onto that deck with drying clothes naturally in the beautiful sun & kids frolicking happily around the deck. So thankful to have the deck back to enjoy the rest of this beautiful, sunny week!

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Happiness is… (vol 5)

2015-05-20 happinessFinally getting through all the piled up dishes and getting to see the counter again. It’ll only last until after supper, but until then, it’s a joy to behold.

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