Happiness is… (vol 26)

2016-05-03 17.23.04 - smallerBeing nearly-2 and loving looking at the world through a different perspective. This girl. She gets me every time.

We have been having a full sort of month here…

I’m very excited to announce that St. Patrick’s parish will be one of two parishes in the city to be opening a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program in the fall!! I received an official ‘Yes’ from our pastor last week and am so excited to be on this journey.

I’m also starting a book club for the book Divine Mercy for Moms by Michele Faehnle, and I’m super excited for this opportunity to get together with some other moms while the kids run fancy-free outside and we talk about our walk of faith with each other. Huzzah!

And I’m in the process of revamping my business, Mama Knows Best, to launch something new and exciting in October. Deets to come, but I’m in my experimenting phase right now and loving it.

2016-05-02 14.24.59 - smallerAnd school is going as school usually does. Spencer is such an ace at learning to read – I’m so very amazed at how quickly he remembers some things (except the word ‘on’ for some reason). I anticipated a lot more repetition in order to remember, but perhaps I’m thinking that’s what it takes for adults to learn? If I was learning a language the way he is, but at my age, I’d be needing a whole lot of practice to remember what he remembers the next day, or even the next week without practice. And we’re doing some basic maths, which he enjoys quite a bit. He just finished a season of fencing, which heĀ adored. He’s still going to Beavers and I just told him that they break for the summer and he was reasonably sad about it, having just told me he wished Beavers was every day except Sunday and Saturday. He just loves it so much.

Andy and I received our first summer flu (technically spring, but weather is summer). It was most disappointing to not be able to start planting my garden over the past couple of days due to lack of energy. And Andy has been napping tons and foregoing making beer (shock! that never happens!). Hopefully it passes soon.

2016-05-05 14.47.43 - smaller

Loving the mask hooked on her braids…

Spencer and Cassia went to the dentist and Cassia totally took home a truck load of goodies. Apparently the dental hygienist really liked her or something, cause she got a mask, a pink glove (not pictured), and a mirror-for-the-mouth thing (Denise, I’ll bet you know that terminology). That was in addition to the glowing toothbrush and water-squirt guns they both got. Spencer has been jealous of Cassia’s plunder, but he got teeth cleaned and hers were just checked, so, fair’s fair?

Lastly, today we started getting the haze from the wildfires in Alberta (possibly Saskatchewan too?). Prayers to all those affected by the evacuations. This is a tough time for those having to worry about what might happen to their livelihood.

Happy weekending!

2016-05-02 17.59.59 - smaller

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The New Do

2016-04-21 12.10.53 - edit smallerI took Felicity to my hairdresser (New Creations Hair Salon – Tracey does fantastic work!) to fix up what Spencer had done. I appreciate all the lovely comments about how cute it was, but really, it was super uneven and choppy, so I brought her to someone who could blend it together better and at least make her look nice. And so, it’s official, she has short hair now. I’m still sad. But I’ll get over it eventually.

And in other news, it became apparent that Felicity wasn’t the only one with a new look…Spencer had apparently also taken to Cassia and gave her bangs….thankfully they weren’t too short (grace in this mess, I suppose?) and I was able to save them and make it look (relatively) even. And it turns out, Cassia looks super cute with bangs.

2016-04-22 10.25.35 - edit smallerSo they might stay more permanently. We will see. It all depends on my laziness.

We have had a very full week and one of the days I surprised myself by getting a ton done. Including making bread and several appointments that had been put off for months. All while Andy was completely preoccupied with Confirmations, which took place this week.

So, life has been full with a number of recent adventures, and we’re looking forward to this weekend which we’ve planned as our “Family Fun Weekend.” Andy and I have planned the weekend full of activities we love to do as a family. It might mostly include parks (as long as the weather cooperates), but we’re definitely looking forward to this family retreat, and the kids are going to love it too :).

Happy weekending!

2016-04-22 08.18.50 - edit smaller

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The Unexpected Haircut

We woke up this morning to a surprise: Felicity had her first haircut! Well! We were quite shocked over this new discovery, as we hadn’t been informed of her desire to change. In fact, it turned out it was actually her siblings’ desire, and truly had nothing to do with what Felicity wanted (though, truth be told, she couldn’t care less).

2016.04.20 Funky hair cut collageSo…life is full of surprises.

Andy and I were quite angry with the older two, and yet, it just seems like it was bound to happen at some point.

Here’s hoping that taking scissors away for awhile and having thorough talks about it everyday for a week might help them remember that it’s not okay to use scissors for things like cutting hair (when you’re a child). *sigh* She had nice hair before…

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Life in the Kids’ Lane

2016-04-14 18.43.52 - edit smallerYogurt with blueberries. She peeled the blueberries. I just…don’t know what to do with that.

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Today Jesus Is Risen!


Congratulations Katie Sciba on winning Audrey Assad’s CD! WinnerPlease email me with your mailing address so that I can send it out soon! Thanks to everyone for playing!


Happy Easter! Jesus is Risen!

Playing outside during the unusually warm Easter break!

Playing outside during the unusually warm Easter break.

I love the Octave of Easter – every year since Andy and I became married we have made noted efforts to extend the celebration for the full 8 days. Let me tell you – that’s a lot of good eatin’s! This year we’ve also decided that in celebration we’d sponsor another child through Chalice. I mean, what better way to celebrate than to give another person funds needed to pursue a better life? I’m so thrilled we can increase our giving this year.

Those jackets came off in no time.

Those jackets came off in no time.

And as a little Eastertide gift to you:

Audrey Assad Giveaway - FI

Audrey Assad: Inheritance (!!!) (in CD form)

This album is, not surprisingly, amazing. I think for sursies my favourite on this album is Holy, Holy, Holy followed closely by Be Thou My Vision. Have you had a chance to hear any of her albums? Love, love, love her music! And I had the joy of seeing her twice in one year, on two different album tours (Heart and Fortunate Fall)! If you haven’t heard her music yet, you can listen to previews of her songs on iTunes. I don’t even know if I could list all my favourite songs of hers, there are so many! And this giveaway is a great opportunity to have a chance at an album of hers for free! Inheritance

Easy to enter – follow the Rafflecopter instructions, there are 3 ways to enter. You have until 11:59pm CST on Tuesday, April 5th, to enter for your chance to win Audrey’s CD.


Both of us are sporting the wind-blown look, thanks to the prairies of Alberta.

Note: contest is open to Canadian residents (except NWT and Nunavut) and residents of the continental US (including Alaska) only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

From all of us here, Happy Easter! Good luck to everyone! 2016-03-28 12.16.12 - edit smaller

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