Happiness is… (vol 24)

2015.08.15 happinessFresh BC peaches on the deck in summer. I don’t know about them, but it’s memorable for me. No better way to enjoy the summer.

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Happiness is… (vol 23)

IMG_3850Finding a dragon on our walk.

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On Driving 3 Provinces With 3 Kids

2015-08-03 13.07.39 siteThese pickles. They survived the road with me as the only parent for 3 days.

This is now the second time I’ve driven this long-Yellowhead-Highway trek with them, which is an impressive 1256 km long. One major difference made us all much happier this time around – we overnighted at Jasper Provincial Park. It was my Mum’s idea, and she met us there with all sorts of camping gear set up for us to overnight. Turned out so much better than the long drive from Edmonton to Prince George did last year! An 8 hour drive with littles easily turns into a 10-or-more hour drive with their needs, so Jasper, at 4 hours past Edmonton, was a perfect place to break.

2015-08-03 16.20.08 siteSo thrilled to be out of that confining car seat!

Camping with three 5-and-under kids is quite an adventure, but we survived and even enjoyed it. It’s always more fun for the kids than the adults, right? We had great neighbours to our campsite on one side – they had 2 kids, one the same age as Spencer. So of course they hit it off right away and played the whole time together. Super helpful. To the adults. And I love that he just got right out exploring, as it should be for a 5-year-old. Cassia tagged along as much as she could. Unfortunately she may have been the brunt of a couple ‘hide from Cassia’ games that she wasn’t overly fond of, but she enjoyed most of the playing.

The next day my mum took the two older kids in her car (HEAVEN!) and we headed in the direction of Prince George. We stopped in McBride for lunch, and just in case you ever drive through looking for a place to stop, they have a FABULOUS kids playground if you turn left at the only major intersection on the highway with the town. Head to the end of the road. Stop, kick the kids out, enjoy a little peace. You’re welcome. Oh, and don’t forget to fill-up your vehicle – the next stop with gas is Prince George, a mere 209km (about 2.5 hours) west.

On our way back we stopped at the Ancient Forest, which has dinky little signs that make it look like it’s probably a dive, but it’s so totally not! 2015-08-04 14.03.25 site

They have a boardwalk that runs through this ancient forest of cedar trees – it’s an authentic inland rainforest, how cool is that?  Taking the stroller on the boardwalk was a breeze, and the kids were relatively confined to the boardwalk as long as they didn’t run too far ahead. It was A-MAZ-ING.

2015-08-04 14.06.42 site2015-08-04 14.08.52 site 2015-08-04 14.12.04 site
don’t mind the creepy half-body Cassia – that’s what happens with a panorama photo shot and they don’t stay still…
2015-08-04 14.13.48 site2015-08-04 14.16.51 siteAnd a close up: 2015-08-04 14.16.51 - zoomed site2015-08-04 14.21.11 site

Very much worth checking out if you have 30-45 minutes. There is a longer loop trail that does not have a boardwalk that leads to a waterfall, I would have loved to have done that, but just not really possible with the 3 littles unless it was boardwalked. Maybe when they get bigger. So much fun, great place to stop! They have outhouses if you need the loo.

And with that, we made it into Prince George. We’ve been here for over a week now and have had more adventures, more stories to come. Andy is holding the fort back home, complaining to me all-the-time about how hot it is (for the record, it’s not that hot here) and enjoying being kid-free for awhile. We’re keeping good touch, though!

Have you done long distance traveling with your kids? By yourself?


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What I Wore Sunday #WIWS

It’s been awhile since an update, so I thought I’d throw this up for now. I have every intention of posting some photos from our trip so far, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

whatiwore2015.08.09 wiwsOn me: dress – Old Navy
jacket – Melanie Lyne (feels so super dressy)
belt was from another dress from Laura
I also wore my red heels (not pictured)
Felicity: dress – knit by my grandmother for me when I was a baby

Sorry for the bad shadows in the picture – I couldn’t for the life of me get a good photo and Felicity wasn’t sticking around easily (she’s taking off in the picture)

What did you wear today?

For more awesome fashion ideas, check out Fine Linen & Purple!

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Urgent – Last Day for Feedback!

Having been traveling this past week I’ve been rather disconnected time-wise, and as it turns out, today is the last day the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan are accepting feedback on the revised medical draft. Not sure what the fuss is about? Check out this video:

The revised document is available on the College’s website in the survey that is open for feedback, which is mostly hidden, but is on the right hand side of the front page in a navigation bar.

I’ll cut to the chase – there are still the implications in the revised document that curtail doctors’ rights to conscientious freedom. The Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada has offered an alternative draft, removing the disputed parts with acceptable terminology that support doctors’ freedom, which can be read here.

This is the feedback that I submitted, which is drawn from a facebook group, “We Stand for Health Professionals With Integrity.” Feel free to use it as is (obviously altering your name) and/or alter the text as you see fit. Just know, TODAY is the last day.

My concerns are:

1. The draft policy requires physicians to “make arrangements” for the patient to see another physician for information about a controversial procedure, or for the procedure itself (abortion, contraception, etc) Making arrangements has the same moral implications as a referral. Future councils could interpret the phrase “make arrangements” to be the same as referral.
2. The draft policy requires physicians to perform controversial procedures in certain circumstances. Reference to the “well being” of the patient has lead to concerns that the policy might be used to force physicians to perform euthanasia.
3. Whatever parameters are agreed upon in this policy are likely to follow through to the new assisted death policy.

I support the revisions to the policy proposed by CPL, CFCPS and CMDS
There is no reason to take away conscience protection to ensure patient access.

Jane Korvemaker, a very concerned citizen.

Submit your feedback to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan – the feedback form is a small survey on the right hand site of their website.

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